I don’t consume many deposit drinks, probably only a few a week. Despite this I set up an F&J Ravin can-collection bag at my house and invited my friends to put their returnables into my bag at their convenience. This last weekend after filling eight bags I took them into the recycling center. With very little effort I raised $100 for the post!

While bragging about my success to a friend he gave me another TWELVE BAGS that he had been collecting! That’s approaching $200 he donated to our post. The point of this is that you don’t need to buy & consume many beverages in bottles and cans to make a difference for the post. Set up an old trash can with a bottle-drop bag lining it and invite your neighbors to help out—you will likely be surprised at how many people step up.

Contact any officer of the post for bags to fill, take them either to the bottle drop or the adjutant’s house and we could possibly make hundreds of dollars to support the post. If you already have a personal bottle-drop account, you can click the link on this web site, https://post134.com/donate-2/, and have the money (for as long as you wish) go to the post. Dropping the bags off at the bottle-drop is easy – no lines, just scan the bar code on the bag by the drop window, open the door and shove the bag(s) through! They count the empties and the money goes into an account that we transfer into our bank. If you don’t want to go to the bottle-drop, you can drop them off at my house anytime. Just call the Post telephone number and leave a message – 503-893-9056.

Semper Fi,
Patrick Bardel
Adjutant Post 134

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