The Chartering of Frederick & John Ravin American Legion Post # 134

A group of veterans of WW II requested that I allow them to honor my son, John, by naming an American Legion Post for him. I gladly consented, requesting only that they help our veterans and their families to strive for the principles for which our sons gave their lives for their country. And indeed, the American Legion Post #134 has more than fulfilled their promise to me.

Before the temporary charter was granted in 1945, Jack’s brother, Scott was also killed in the service of his country. The charter was changed to honor both brothers. And so, the Frederick and John Ravin American Legion Post #134 was born.

At the burial of my Frederick and John at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Portland, I was much comforted by the services conducted by the Department Officers of Oregon of the American Legion, Masonic Lodge, Dean Grillibert of the Episcopal Cathedral, and most of all, the firing squad composed of our own F. & J. Ravin Post.

Most of the city officials of Portland attended the services. Governor Snell was represented, our dear friends Judge James R. Bain and his wife, Esther; Past Department Commander Clyde Dicky and his wife, Florence and many, many others. Our own F. & J. Ravin Auxiliary girls gave me great comfort in the family room.

For the honoring of my two sons and and all the kindness shown to me, I shall never forget.

‘Mother’ Jeanne Ravin Ruth