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H-012-1: Guadalcanal, 1942—The Battle of Friday the 13th. Describes the action of the USS Aaron Ward during the first battle of Guadalcanal during which TM1c John Crockett Ravin was killed in action.

USS Aaron Ward (DD-483), Commander Orville F. Gregor commanding.  Damaged; 15 KIA, 38 WIA.Aaron Ward, leading the trailing four destroyers, plowed into the mass of wrecked and burning ships on both sides. The trail destroyers could all see the carnage ahead, but none of them faltered. Opening fire on Hiei at 7,000 yards, Aaron Ward had to go to an emergency backing bell to avoid hitting a burning Japanese destroyer. The Yudachi (which seemed to be everywhere in the battle) was hit by either gunfire from Aaron Ward or by friendly fire from another Japanese destroyer, the Asagumo, which left her dead in the water. Two torpedoes passed under Aaron Ward, which probably hit the Barton.  Aaron Ward attempted to launch torpedoes at Hiei, but San Francisco was then too close to Hiei and Aaron Ward checked fire before blasting her way through a couple of Japanese destroyers on both sides. Damaged by nine direct hits, including three 14-inch battleship shells, Aaron Ward lost power at about 0235 and went dead in the water.” Commander Gregor (future rear admiral) awarded Navy Cross. USS Aaron Ward would be bombed and sunk off Guadalcanal on 7 April 1943.  

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