Hello Friends,

In an effort to stay safe amidst Covid-19, Post 134 is closed until further notice. This pandemic is rapidly changing our lives and I encourage you all to follow guidance from the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization. At the time of writing this, physical distancing is our best plan for slowing the spread of this illness. However, this is not the same as social distancing. During these times, I highly encourage social connection through means of electronic communication and phone calls. You can reach me personally at 312-722-8002. Give me, or any of our officers a call and keep in touch. With that in mind, our team wants to share the following:

1. It may be possible for us to arrange the pickup and delivery of food items for those who are unable to or find it unsafe to do so for themselves. Please let us know if you are in need of any assistance. Contact me via phone at 312-722-8002 or email at amlepost134@gmail.com. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for groceries. Groceries need to be paid for by the individual via cash, check, or electronic means, but we are happy to act as the logistics service for these goods.

2. Practice PHYSICAL distancing, not SOCIAL distancing. Buddy check your friends, family and fellow Post members.

3. Bike rides, runs, hikes, and healthy outdoor, distanced activities are still encouraged.

This is a whole new regime for the country. Keep your head up, help others and ask for help if you can use it. These are trying times, but we can persevere. I ask you all to be socially responsible, practice self care, and to remember that our community is strong.

Kind Regards,

Kevin Beasley
Post 134 Commander

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