War and games are no strangers. From Roman legionaries tossing knucklebones, to a card game on a box of field rations, something about a battlefield beckons us to test our luck and skill. It’s no wonder Game Nights are such a big hit here at Post 134. This Friday, two of our own will be demonstrating a battle game they invented.

Jaerod and Andrew are veterans of the Iraq War and long-time friends who joined the National Guard together in high school. They’ve been playing tabletop games and designing their own for years, and finally decided to make one to share with the world, Yargo!


Yargo is a two player battle game in a wooden pirate chest. Each player controls a ship full of pirates and takes turns trying to eliminate the other crew. The gameplay is strongly influenced by Chess, simple design with a focus on strategy and tactics.

Andrew Newell and Jaerod Case will be hosting a live demonstration of their new pirate board game, Yargo, on Friday June 26, 7:00pm at Post 134.

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