Memorial Day Celebration

On Saturday, May 28th, Post 134 will be partnering with The Returning Veterans Project to have a Memorial Day Event.

At 9am we will be meeting at the parking lot across from the Post on 21st and NE Alberta Street and we will carpool up to Willamette National Cemetery to clean the graves. We will be up there for a few hours like we did last year. Here are a few photos of last year. Everyone is welcome to come with us.

At noon I will be setting up our new BBQ and by one we’ll be flipping burgers and burning brats Gartner’s Meats were nice enough to donate. The members of our post will be cooking sides as well. Everyone is welcome.

There will be live music and readings from veterans as well.

Please come out and be part of our celebration. We’ll remember the ones we lost and celebrate life together.


Today Post 134 is holding a community meal to feed all those who want a family atmosphere and a good meal. This is the second year we are doing this and we have 8 turkeys coming. Please stop by and grab a bite or just say hi.


October’s Post Meeting is this Sunday!

Hello, Post 134! We’ll be having our monthly post meetings this Sunday, October 11th: Auxiliary at 2:30pm, and Post at 3:30pm. We’ve got some great potential projects to tackle and we need attendance to make them happen. As always, thank you for your support and for taking the time to support the veteran and military community.

We’re Back!

Hello, American Legion Post 134 Members! Well, summer is over and we’re back in session– our first meeting will be September 20th, at 3:30pm. The Auxiliary will be meeting at 2:30pm, and stay tuned for a time and date for the Sons. We have a lot to do– it’s time to start our remodel and we still need registered plumbers and electricians, and for those without that kind of experience, we have lots of holiday functions to get started on. If you are interested in joining our organization, this is a great opportunity to come see what it’s all about and pick up a membership application. Hope to see you there!


Songbook: Reading Event


Songbook is a literary mixtape. Eight readers on the music that terrified and inspired them. Kevin Meyer, Trevor Dodge, Margaret Malone, Holly Goodman, Gigi Little, Domi J Shoemaker, Bradley K Rosen, and emceed by Adam Strong. A short musical interlude will precede each reader.

I can’t wait for this event. I say this a lot but these are some of the best writers in Portland, and we all know Portland one of the more literary cities in the country. Adam Strong put this reading together and we at the post really hope to make this a reading series. What a great idea, writers speaking about how music affects them. Come on out and be a part of it. What a great way to spend a Wednesday night!

This Friday 7/17: Veteran and Veteran Family Activities Fundraiser, featuring Bingo and Bluegrass

This Friday 7/17: Veteran and Veteran Family Activities Fundraiser, featuring Bingo and BluegrassThe Post is pleased to announce our first fundraiser for a brand-new effort to sponsor activities for veterans and their families! First Vice President of the Women’s Auxiliary, Kelly Davis, has formed a committee within the auxiliary with the arresting title of “Post 134 Angels” and the goal of creating a fund completely dedicated to providing veterans and their families with healthy, fun activities. This Friday, Emma and Kelly will host Bingo with a twist– rather than awarding a simple cash pot, the ladies have assembled gift baskets as prizes, featuring everything from Stumptown Coffee to soccer tickets! Bingo will begin at 6:30, and at 8:30 we are excited to welcome two wonderful bluegrass groups: The Lonesome Valley Pussyfooters and The Basinbillies. We will also be selling $5 raffle tickets for some very impressive donations from the community: gift certificates worth over $100 from Threat Dynamics in

via This Friday 7/17: Veteran and Veteran Family Activities Fundraiser, featuring Bingo and Bluegrass.

Tonight: Legion Readers & University of Hell

We are super excited for our July Legion Readers Series featuring some of the best writers in Portland and for the University of Hell Press. Come on out and hear these readers. What a great way to spend Wednesday night.

Caitlin Bagwell, Barbara Belland, Amy Temple Harper, Edee Lemonier, Bakeem Lloyd, and Jared John Smith will read.

Joining us are two amazing poets from University of Hell Press, Leah Noble Davidson (“Poetic Scientifica”) and Brian Stephen Ellis (“Often Go Awry”).

Bring your answer to our burning question “What is your Hell?” for a chance to win fabulous drink tokens and t-shirts.


Like boardgames and pirates? Meet YARGO at the Post 7pm Friday June 26th for a Demo and Fundraiser!

War and games are no strangers. From Roman legionaries tossing knucklebones, to a card game on a box of field rations, something about a battlefield beckons us to test our luck and skill. It’s no wonder Game Nights are such a big hit here at Post 134. This Friday, two of our own will be demonstrating a battle game they invented.

Jaerod and Andrew are veterans of the Iraq War and long-time friends who joined the National Guard together in high school. They’ve been playing tabletop games and designing their own for years, and finally decided to make one to share with the world, Yargo!


Yargo is a two player battle game in a wooden pirate chest. Each player controls a ship full of pirates and takes turns trying to eliminate the other crew. The gameplay is strongly influenced by Chess, simple design with a focus on strategy and tactics.

Andrew Newell and Jaerod Case will be hosting a live demonstration of their new pirate board game, Yargo, on Friday June 26, 7:00pm at Post 134.

How War Affects Us Group – Last Meeting of Summer

Thank you so much to the Oregon Humanities! You’ve touched so many lives with this group.

Last night was an amazing experience and it maybe one of the only times this has every happened. Our guest speakers were Tiffany, Ghaith, and Layth Sahib. Ghaith and his brother Layth stayed late to speak to Iraq combat veterans and the rest of the group and tell us about their experience of being in Baghdad the day the war began. Saddam was on the radio telling the people everything was fine and the US infidels were on the run and a half hour later US troops were walking the roads and US tanks were driving the streets. We had an intense and meaningful conversation that was truly amazing. Tiffany spoke about her work trying to help stop the sex trade in Portland and how she met Ghaith while in Amsterdam and all the obstacles in their relationship. It was all truly inspiring and a perspective hardly ever heard from. This group is so important that we will keep it going after summer whether the Oregon Humanities funds us or not. We are bridging the gap between veterans, their family members, and civilians and reading great literature and poetry and writing our own. Our first anthology of the works created in the class will be out soon. Our first reading as a group will be at the Returning Veterans Project’s 10 year anniversary party on the Fourth of July at the Red Lion on Haden Island. Everyone is welcome. For more information on that email me at

Here are some photos of the event last night:

Army Photos

Yesterday was Memorial Day and Brady gave me almost 12 gigs of photos I never saw, some I don’t remember taking. I went through too many this morning while having other things to do, but I had to put some up. If for no other reason than posterity.