To All Members & Friends of Post 134

Please join me in welcoming Walter Ghant to Post 134 as our new Chaplain and Service Officer. In addition to filling these critically important roles, Walter will also leverage his position as the Veterans Resource Center Director at Portland State University to help the Post expand its outreach to GWOT-era veterans.

Walter is a Native Oregonian, who grew-up in Northeast Portland. He was born in Emanuel Hospital and is deeply rooted in the Mississippi, Alberta and Williams Avenue communities. Following his discharge as a United States Air Force Cryptologic Communications Specialist in 1984, Walter attended Warner Pacific College receiving a Bachelor of Arts, Religion and Political Science degree in 1988. He complemented this witha Master of Divinity degree from Howard University in 1991. In addition, Walter has been awarded post graduate degrees in Public Administration from George Mason University, and Arts, History from James Madison University.      

He was ordained a Pastor in the Church of God in 1990, and the Baptist Association in 1998. Walter served as the Senior Pastor at churches in Arlington, Harrisonburg, and Waynesboro, VA.

Walter was appointed the Portland State University Veterans Resource Director in fall 2019. In the March 3, 2020 edition of the PSU Vanguard, he defined the Center’s purpose as a place “to cultivate an environment…..that is inclusive and engaging for student veterans, active duty members, dependents, women, non-veterans, LGBTQ and people of various racial/ethnic compositions and abilities.”

He went on to say of PSU, “There are a lot more resources available for veterans to successfully transition, but unless they know what those resources are then a lot of time veterans just go in alone.”

It is these perceptions, work experience, and education that will make Walter an instrumental part of the Post commitment to the first pillar of the American Legion – Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation.

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