This Week @ Post 134 9/19 to 9/25

We’ve had some changes at the post and we’re trying to be more involved in our community as well as getting our community more involved in our post. We want you to come down to Post 134 and be a part of the great things we do there.

Here’s what is going on at the post this week:

Tuesday, September 20th – Our weekly poker night with members from Post 1.

Wednesday, September 21st – Karaoke! (Free)

Thursday, September 22nd – Douglas’s Open Mic Night!

Friday, September 23rd – Live Music by Honey bucket, Mope Grooves, White Glove, Mr. Wrong, Conditioner (PoC Vince Skelly)

Saturday, September 24th – Live Music by Astral Whatever

 Sunday – LGBTQ Trivia Night
There will be a film crew filming all throughout the weekend as well for a short independent film.

In other news:

Food Pantry-

we are restocking our food pantry for the community. If you have some extra food, please bring it in. If you need some food, come in and take what you need no questions asked.

Post 134 Press

– We are now a press. More information on that will be coming soon. Our first publication will be the Oregon Humanities sponsored War Stories Anthology for 2016. We will have copies by Veteran’s Day. The anthology will have stories from the participants from our veterans group as well as veterans from across the country. It will be for sale at the post and Another Read Through on Mississippi Street.


– We will be ripping up the old floor and putting new flooring down on October 6th. We will need help. So if you or someone you know is of able body and can help, we will be working on it from the 6th – 11th.

Membership Drive

There are a million reasons to join Post 134 and you don’t have to be a veteran to do so. If you are a veteran it is $40 a year. If you are a son, grandson, great grandson (pretty much if one of your ancestors were a veteran) you can join the Sons of American Legion and that is $20 for the first year and $40 for the years after that. If you are a woman married to a veteran or you’re the daughter, granddaughter, et cetera, it is $40 a year.

We at Post 134 don’t like the antiquated membership gender binary structure. We are doing what we can to change it nationally. Our post is the first American Legion post in the nation to sign up a woman who now identifies as a man to our Sons of American Legion group as well as the first to sign up a man who does not identify as any gender for our Auxiliary. We need new members so we can change the system.