Army Photos

Yesterday was Memorial Day and Brady gave me almost 12 gigs of photos I never saw, some I don't remember taking. I went through too many this morning while having other things to do, but I had to put some up. If for no other reason than posterity.

Words Acoustic Reading

Another great night at Post 134. We told stories punctuated with amazing music from Michael Dean Damron and Mishka Shubaly! We had our hearts crushed in the best way by Mike D. and Mishka, as well as readers Sean Davis, Kirsten Larson, Kevin Meyer, and Edie Rylander! Here are a few photos from the night:

Mommy Dearest Reading

Last night at Post 134 we had an amazing night full of great words. Cat in a Dumpster writing group hosted the reading with great stories about our mothers. We had heartfelt words about what it means to be a mother, heartbreaking narratives, and even a horror story. Here are some photos:

Blood Drive at Post 134

We had a blood drive today at the post with the Red Cross. Many of our members and people off the street gave blood to save lives. This is what helping the community is all about. We will be doing this again this summer. Thank you to all of you who helped out.